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Welcome to Winter in Dover DE!
Hi, my name is Scruffy. 
I would like to thank all the
caring people that offered
me a good home. I decided
to settle in with a very nice
woman about 90 that just lost
a poor soul just like ME! :-)
We\'re new Delawareans!  4/27/2004!



Our home is a sancuary of peace and harmony on the inside and made of stone and brick as it\'s armor.



You can experience the fragrance of roses in the gardens....



.....or you can find  peace and tranquility while walking amidst it\'s forest.



You can snuggle up from the dazzling cold brillance outside..............



....or become mesmerized in it\'s sheer autumn beauty.



What\'s New?


Here is where you\'ll find the latest and greatest
happenings going on at Casa De Velasquez.
For example: 
01/03/2004 - Initial web page creation for Casa de Velasquez
08/29/2004 - Placed on-line for testing. Scruffy needs a HOME!
08/31/2004 - Scruffy finds a home...... a VERY GOOD HOME!! :-)






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